Best Rated Term Insurance

How to identify the best rated Term Insurance? Recently one of my clients asked me what is the basis on which one can identify the best rated Term Insurance? Is there is any organization is providing the ratings or methodologies for this? Firstly, What is Term insurance – Term insurance policy is a form of life cover, it […]

Budget Update 2019

Highlights from Budget 2019   Budget update 2019 – Earn Ten Lakhs and still pay NO tax With this Budget and as per announcements, It is now possible to achieve Zero Tax Goal even when you earn Rs 10 lakhs per year. See the following table In the above example, existing deductions under Income Tax Act under […]

Retirement Savings

Tricks to Win at Retirement Savings In India, most individuals are responsible for their own retirement savings. Unlike western countries, India lacks basic social security and medicare that would take care of the individual in retirement.  School and colleges usually don’t teach anything about retirement planning and most of us are left on our own. […]

Capital Gains Exemptions

Capital Gains Exemptions under section 54 AND 54F In this article, we will focus on solely on difference in Capital Gains exemptions u/s 54 and 54F. When there is sale of property / real estate, there are high chances that it will result in Capital Gain to the owners. When a person is selling a capital asset […]

Income Tax Filing Software Free Download

Income Tax Filing Software Free Download Internet is full of FREE options including Income Tax Filing Software Free Download. We love our free apps, but some software is worth paying for especially when you put your very personal information such as PAN ( permanent account number), Bank Account details, Address, Employers Details, Brokerage Account details, etc. Now just […]

Tax Free Income Ideas in India

Tax Free Income Ideas in India   We had spoken about the Tax Savings idea in past but what if I showed you some Tax Free Income Ideas in India? You would love it, right? So here I am listing the best options for getting Tax Free Income in India. 1. Interest earned on Tax Free […]

ITR Filing

ITR Filing ITR Filing simply means Income Tax Return Filing with Income Tax Department. And Income Tax Return is standard form which an Income Tax payer uses to file information about his Income and his tax thereon to Income Tax Department. What are the Standard IT Return Forms? Various forms are ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR7. See details here – IT Return […]

Tax Tips to minimise tax liability

Tax Tips to Minimise Tax Liability As I said before the most effective way to Minimise tax liability is by proper tax planning that help you save thousands in your taxes. But multiple options and confusing advice from your friends and cousins may leave you confused. In this article, we will list down ten effective tax […]

How long do you have to keep your income tax related documents?

How long to keep your income tax related documents? Income Tax Act does NOT specify any time period for which you have to keep these documents. There is absolutely no provision in the Income Tax Act which would suggest for how long the income tax related documents must be kept by the taxpayer. However as […]

CA Explaination on Blockchain Technology

CA Explaination on Blockchain There is lot of buzz around Blockchain and crypto currency nowadays? Here is a CA Explaination on what is Blockchain and the possibilities with the blockchain technology? Please note that this is my interpretation on what is Blockchain We Humans are a network species. We operate in groups. We always work in […]