Private Company vs LLP

Private Company vs LLP In this article we will cover the comparison between Private Company (Herein after referred as Pvt. Ltd Co.) vis a vis Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Many Entrepreneurs starting a new business are curious about the comparison between a Pvt. Ltd Co. vs Limited Liability Partnership. Both entities offer many similar features required […]

Taxation on GOLD

Taxation on GOLD For Indians, gold is more than a precious metal. In fact, the reverence for gold is beyond its market value for a common man. There are three main forms of buying and holding Gold in your portfolio. This article is mainly to make you aware about taxation on it – how it is […]

Paying rent more than 50000?

Are you paying rent more than 50000? As per the latest amendment under section 194 IB of the Income tax Act, 1961, The Individual or HUF should deduct the tax on the rent that they are paying to the resident persons if rent more than 50000 per month or part of a month during the […]

File your IT Return to report your income

File your IT Return to report your income – Email from IT Department If you have reached to this post that means that you have recently received an email to File your IT Return to report your income. In recent times, the IT department has become excellent in communicating directly with the tax payers via email and […]

Chartered Accountant near me

Chartered Accountant near me This is Guest Post by CA Mahesh Sethia I had a very interesting conversation today with a Google Partner and as per him most people today find their CA by using google pharases such as Chartered Accountant near me, CA Near me or CA Firm near me. This really got me going […]

Income Tax Filing

Income Tax Filing In this age of technology, most of us have become do-it-yourselfer for Income Tax Filing. This makes sense in most cases, but not when it comes to individual or business Income Tax Filing. Entering a few numbers into the latest tax software might be quick and easy, but it could end up costing […]

Process of Incorporation of Private Limited Company

Many clients usually ask me regarding the Process of Incorporation of Private Limited Company. We offer Private Limited Company Registration as one of service offerings. So without further delay, lets jump into the process. Private Limited Company – Process of Incorporation I will divide this into multiple stages to make it easier for you to understand. […]

Take Credit Risks Out of Liquid Funds

Liquid Funds – Take Credit Risks Out of it Following is the excerpt of Liquid Funds article from a newsletter that I received from Quantum AMC. Our firm is empaneled with Quantum AMC for Investment Planning and Servicing. This article is on the same line of thinking which I have been saying to many of my […]

Real Estate company held for anti profiteering charges

Builder held for Anti Profiteering Charges Recently an order was passed where in the National Anti-Profiteering Authority held a Builder / Real Estate company for anti profiteering charges in the case of sale of flats to the buyers.     In Sukhbir Rohila v. Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd. (2018) 9 TMI 1107 (NAA); (2018) 97 […]

Income Tax Mumbai Offices

Income Tax Mumbai Offices Income Tax department has become very vigilant and many people are getting Income Tax Notices. You may have seen this type of online ad that is being published by Income Tax Department   This notices are primarily sent to people who are suppressing their incomes and trying to evade tax. But […]