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Startup is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service. We understand this space very well as we have worked with several start ups till date.

Startup inherently involves disruption. That is to break rules and laws to some extent to benefit society in large ways.

Startup is not meant to follow “Existing way-of-doing-business”. They are meant to chanllange status quo. It meant to design new rules and regulations and procedures, to make everything more effective.( Note the word Effective).

The large number of small and big businesses may be efficient but they are not effective to the extent customers need. This small and large businesses includes, Banks, Insurance, Pharmaceutical companies, retailers, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, soft drinks and various other businesses. 

A small startup in any of these segments has tremendous potential to disrupt it.

Key disruptive aspect being – Existing business are “Not Effective” to the extent that customers need it. They don’t care about customer satisfaction or bring sufficient value to customer and this brings tremendous opportunities for new startups. 

Having said that, We help startups of all shape and size in following manner and more.

Startup Consulting in Mumbai

  • Assist in getting registrations.
  • Hand hold you for next 2 years till you reach a stage where you are ready to take off.
  • Help with business planning and loan facilitation.
  • Help you take Advantage of various Government schemes and benefits under Startup India
  • Assist with maintenance of Books of Accounts and get it audited under relevant law.
  • Providing periodical MIS & Financial Statements required internally and for your Investors. 
  • Formulate Budgeting and long range forecasting.
  • Tax and other Law Compliance.