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This is Guest Post by CA Mahesh Sethia

I had a very interesting conversation today with a Google Partner and as per him most people today find their CA by using google pharases such as Chartered Accountant near me, CA Near me or CA Firm near me. This really got me going and I started to look into this. These searches are being heavily driven by mobile searches and the proliferation of using mobile devices, like smartphones, as a primary method of user search. The Mobile phone which has user location is being leveraged by Google to locate nearest CA around the user primarily using Google Maps.

Should you opt for the top results that you get on Google?

I did an experiment wherein I searched for Chartered Accountant near me and I am located in Central Mumbai. I then made calls to the top 5 business results that I got. To my suprise, two out of five were not even CA (qualified CA) but normal tax consutants. And the third business did not even have office in Central Mumbai. They were located in Thane. After digging further, I found that this CA firm has listed their business in 20 different areas with different addresses and phone number. It seems that there is NO check whether a business has Genuine office in that area or not. So I would carefully evaluate the results and call the business to verify the accurateness of information.

Why this is different for normal Google Search results?

The results that you see below Map as result of your search of CA near me is called Google map pack results. Yes, there is actual term for the results which differentiates it between normal SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google has algorithm behind it (Google map pack results), purpose of which is to serve you best results and most relevant results. I have heard all kinds of things, ranging from “Google just figures it out” to “It’s just the closest result in a category Google’s local search”. While there is some level of truthness in there, we should all know by know that Google’s ranking algorithms are complicated. In that level of complication, the (Google map pack results) algorithm is very different from Google SERP. Google is still refining their search engine for local results and I am sure in given time they would ace it but till that time, I would suggest that you carefully evaluate the results and call the business beforehand to verify the information.

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Thanks to Mitesh for giving me this opportunity for Guest Blog Post. Please reach out to him on any feedback.

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