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Our team of wealth management specialists can create and execute a wealth management strategy designed just for you. But what does that really mean?

Financial Planning and Investment Management are often viewed as separate services. At CA Mitesh and Associates Chartered Accountants Mumbai, we recognize the importance of these two aspects as the core building blocks of our holistic financial planning & wealth management approach.

You might compare our wealth management services to those of a custom home builder. In our case, the purpose of the structure we’re creating—your wealth creation strategy—is to preserve, protect, and nurture your assets. When you build a home, you rely on a variety of specialists who work collaboratively to understand your unique needs and desires. Likewise, our team of wealth management advisors will partner with you to build the plan for your financial future.

We will work with you to understand your particular needs and aspirations. We will design and execute a holistic plan customized to your unique financial needs and goals. This approach includes two major services:

Financial planning based on your objectives, your priorities, your retirement timetable, and the many other personal and financial priorities that shape your aspirations. Consider this to be the “blue prints” to your custom home during the building process. It is drawn out according to your goals and ideas, and then continually referred back to throughout the building process.

Investment management of securities and assets, such as stocks, bonds, gold , real estate, and mutual funds. Investment Management acts as the bricks that are used to build the house – a means to achieving your goals. We understand the necessary approach to achieving the end goal.

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